What is SEO?

The acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization, but today it stands for much more and with our company we take a holistic approach and work not only with your web content, organization, pay per click ads and code, but also work to make your company's marketing efforts focus, reinforce and build on your SEO goals. Return to Top

How much will it cost?

After our initial consultation we should have a very good idea of how much work it will take to reach your goals. If we feel your goals need adjusting or you need educating on why we might feel you should consider a different direction – we will make sure you understand. Return to Top

How do you charge?

We don't charge monthly fees. We only charge for the work that we do. We know that most of what we do is a mystery to most of our clients so our invoices are incredibly detailed. Return to Top

My competitors spend an incredible amount of money on the web – how can I compete?

Depending on what area of the market you want to reach, there is usually a strategy to work around the margins of competitors that dump money on pay per click ads. In fact, we kind of specialize in these type of cases. In the rare case we can't find something that we think will work – we will advise you. Return to Top

What can't you help me with?

If you are doing something that people commonly look on the web for, chances are we can help you. If you are starting a business built around a new concept, or product that no one has heard of (in other words, no one is searching for), the challenge is steeper. In some cases we may steer you to traditional marketing to launch something that is uniquely “new.” Return to Top

When will we see results?

For some results 30 days. It can take a while, for some keywords it can take over a year. The more focused your campaign the faster you will see results. Return to Top

What other benefits can I expect?

Customers will be able to find your specific products and items in simple Google, Yahoo or Bing searches – and using the search function on your own site. Return to Top

What is Black Hat SEO?

The best way to answer that is to say that we are “White Hat” or ethical SEO specialists. We don't use “tricks” or shady practices that could possibly get your site penalized or even blacklisted. We don't use “cheats” or try to fool the Search Engines. Doing things our way leads to longer lasting results that usually can withstand changes to parameters that search engines constantly undergo. Return to Top

Why isn't my site showing up in Search Engines?
  • You may not have a search engine friendly site design.
  • Your site may not be visible to search engines.
  • You might be missing what the search engines need in order to index your site.
  • You may have code that is preventing search engines from crawling your content.
  • Your site may be penalized or may have been blacklisted for some unethical trick a previous webmaster may have installed.
  • Your site may not have been properly sent/submitted to the search engines.
  • Your site may not have content that is compelling or interesting

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Why are SEO services expensive?

Doing what we do and being effective at it requires that we practically spend two hours keeping up with the latest research and techniques for every hour we can work on a client's site. What we do takes much forethought, research and skill and is time consuming to institute. When you compare what our results are and balance it against the cost of conventional marketing (TV, print ads, radio, magazine ads, etc.) then what we do is quite inexpensive. Over and over again it has been proven that skilled SEO work can be the most effective ad dollar you can spend. Return to Top

Can you get me a top position?

No one can guarantee a number one position. If they do, run the other way – fast. The algorithms that search engines use change constantly, not to mention methods being instituted by your competition and new sites hitting the internet everyday. Obtaining a high ranking is somewhat similar to managing a retirement portfolio. You adviser will do their best to monitor the market and other indicators to make sure your assets are being managed to the best of their abilities. You adviser cannot guarantee your portfolio will be worth a certain dollar amount on a certain date. Return to Top